The Free Tribes

The Free Tribes is the name the Gnolls who rejected Yeenoghu call themselves.

They fled the lands of Yeenoghu 170 years ago, in The Flight and have since made their home on the savannahs found on the western side of Ungwi.

Ungwi allowed them to safely cross her waters when fleeing from the followers of Yeenoghu, and in return they have dedicated themselves to a life of balance and respect for the spirits found all throughout nature. They take it very seriously when one of their own breaks this bond, as they believe it bears the risk of Ungwi withdrawing her protection of them. Death is the most common punishment for those of The Free Tribes who are found to have defiled or disrespected the natural order.

They hold some traits in common with their demonic bretheren, an affinity with Hyenas, a love of hunting, and a sharp all-pervasive sense of humour, although for The Free Tribes, this has taken a much lighter turn than the sadistic and evil practices of Yeenoghu’s people.

In the short time since they arrived in Kyrnd, they have had only limited contact with other races, content for the most part to live in the eastern areas that noone else wants.

The Free Tribes

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