The Old Empire

Most knowledge of The Old Empire has been lost, due mostly to the destruction of The Great Library, but what is known for certain is that it was a highly advanced civilization spanning right across all of known Kyrnd.

Not even the race, or races, that made up The Old Empire is known for sure, most humans believing that it was a human empire, and indeed some leaders have traced their lineage back to The Old Empire as a sign of legitimacy. Goblinoids beieve it was their own ancestors who constructed the mighty structures, the ruins of which can still be seen today.

One undeniable fact is that they were architects beyond compare, and also had mastered the crafting of mechanical constructs, and some believe that this is what caused their downfall, although no evidence supports this and others believe reasons such as famine, plague or invading forces.

All that remains today are ruins, most of which have been searched and stripped bare, although some still keep their secrets. For milennia adventurers have sought out the lost capital of The Old Empire, believing it to hold unimaginable treasures. None have returned successful, and many do not return at all.

The Old Empire

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